Over the last thirty years, P.E. Calvert has proudly been involved in diverse groups of self-healers, Shamans, and mystics; exploring the art of spirituality and self-growth. The wisdom and tools of these magical practitioners helped inspire the idea for Medicine Hat Moments, Native American-themed cards based on powerful animal spirits. P.E. Calvert is a spiritual mentor and leads workshops in guided meditation, automatic writing, and Shamanism. These studies are designed to be a gateway to Shamanic states of consciousness, power animals, dream interpretation, visioning, and a practical understanding of the medicine wheel for a modern culture. All her classes are designed to connect participants with spirit and inspire self-empowerment. P.E. Calvert has also served as producer and writer on various projects for film, television, and theater, including Teen Tone, a youth fitness DVD (www.teentone.com), Soul Searchin’ (lifestyle TV pilot), CrumbcrunchersTM (kids healthy living television series), and various feature film projects. P.E. Calvert resides in North Carolina with her family, where she enjoys writing, teaching, and expressing her creativity. Learn more about P.E. Calvert by visiting: www.pecalvert.com or follow her on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/p.e.calvert.

Darlene Fricchione has had the tremendous opportunity to travel the world for many years beside a famous Native American holy man. She is a certified teacher of Conscious Dreaming techniques and interpretations. Darlene is also a certified astrologer and a practitioner of the ancient Hawaiian teachings known as H’ooponopono. Darlene incorporates all of her learning tools and years of vast experience and knowledge as a Spiritual Coach. For decades, Darlene has been exploring the art of spirituality and self-growth. These wisdoms and tools helped inspire the idea for Medicine Hat Moments. Darlene is available for Private Sessions. Also, Astrology Readings & Intensive Soul Review. Learn more about Darlene by visiting: www.sageastrologer.com.