Medicine Hat Moments is a Native American-themed series of tools based on powerful animal spirits. These ancient tools can be used for conscious dreaming, daily reflections, problem-solving, and self-empowerment. Medicine Hat Moments succeeds in sharing profound teachings with a mass audience in a simplistic way by introducing animal spirits that have given many cultures ancient wisdom and strength. The “medicine” of the animal’s characteristics and their powerful spirits improves lives, generates new perceptions, and reveals ways to heal.

Medicine Hat Moments includes:

  • 52 animal spirit cards representing characteristics of 13 animals sacred to the Native American culture.
    • Each animal has 4 inspirational affirmations (4 cards) associated with its’ characteristics and includes its’ Lakota name (Bear = Mato).
    • Each card has a specific theme related to the animal’s nature, as well an herb associated with the theme of the card.
    • A unified circle will surround each animal’s artistic representation signifying the medicine wheel and all its’ directions.
    • Artwork may also include reference to the elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) and seven important Native American colors:


The reader’s questions, dreams, and lessons will emerge with new clarity as each card is chosen from the deck. The user needs no special knowledge to apply the lessons and inspirations in Medicine Hat Moments. The materials are simple and easily grasped. The reader uses their own intuition to guide them to their highest clarity. Our mission is to teach self-empowerment.